Change of date.

Last night, Dr. Futran called with the results of the biopsy and follow-up from the tumor board meeting. There were no surprises: the tissue is malignant, and everyone agrees that surgery is the way to go.

The surprise came when we talked about the surgery date, which we’d scheduled for December 3. It turns out that Dr. Futran is leaving the country on December 4 to speak at a conference in Davos. Yes, Switzerland. He wasn’t comfortable with leaving the day after Paul’s surgery. (Didn’t sound like a good idea to us, either.) He said that he’d talk with Barbara, the patient care coordinator, and she’d get back to us with a new date.

(A little googling after that phone call revealed that Dr. Futran is on the board of the AO Foundation, and will be speaking there. It doesn’t bother me a bit that Paul’s surgeon has an international reputation.)

Today, Paul got a call from Barbara. We have a new surgery date: Monday, November 25. (Our Thanksgiving plans just changed, too.) And Paul has pre-op appointments scheduled with otolaryngology nurse practicioner Carol Stimson and the anesthesiology folks on November 20. (Looking back at the post I wrote about Paul’s pre-op appointments the first time around, I’m reminded me that we also had a pre-op with the medical consult team. We’ll have to check about that, too, as we had some issues with their management of Paul’s heart condition and overhydration last time.)

We’re glad that the surgery’s sooner rather than later. (OMG, it’s sooner! Yikes!) And Paul will have 8 days to recuperate before Dr. Futran flies off to Europe.

14 thoughts on “Change of date.

  1. OK, getting it over with might be good and we will send you lots of healing light on the 25th. This is scary but might be better in that there’s less worry time. Thinking of you both.


  2. When I saw “change of date” in the first bit fo the post, I immediately thought that you’d end up moving the date closer! Take that for whatever sort of good omen you can. Your cheering section (and support network) will be ready for you, whenever you need us.

    Very best wishes,


  3. Let’s do it. Time to kick cancer’s ass. Again. Bring it on. Sooner is better. Yea! Opening up a case of whoop ass. Hiya! (That is my transcription of the king fu noise)

  4. Paul and Kim We will say special Thanksgiving prayers for healing hands to take care of Paul. Glad the date was moved up, less stressful waiting.Be strong

  5. Oh, man! Yes, this sounds like a much better plan. Getting the good juju generator fired up extra hot.

  6. Glad that the rescheduling means sooner rather than later and that Dr. Futran won’t be flying off the next day. Fingers crossed that all of the pre-op prep goes smoothly, and especially that the surgery is successful. Sending lots of love through the ether.

  7. I am heading for a gathering of family in Boston the next day…so I will rally the family to be sending all its good energy to you both. And we will all be Thankful together…

    Kick Ass you two!

  8. I’m with the crowd. Sooner is better! Thinking of you all now, then, and every day in-between.

  9. The sooner it’s done the better! I too feel better knowing your doc has an international reputation. The universe has conspired to send you the very best. You are in my thoughts and heart. Looking forward to good times again soon. xoxoxoxo

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