Countdown: Day 10.

As of yesterday, Paul had received 2/3 of his radiation treatments. You may remember that he’s scheduled for 30 days of radiation treatments; he finished his 20th day yesterday. Only 10 left to go. At this point, I’m counting down ’til he’s done, so this was radiation countdown day 10.

paul and the puffer-sI’d planned to take photos of Paul regularly during his treatment, but it’s been five weeks since I took this photo on our anniversary, and the first long Wednesday shot doesn’t really count.

So today I took his pic while we were waiting for his afternoon radiation in the temporary construction waiting room. (Paul’s the one on the left.) While the color rendering in this iPhone photo is off, Paul’s cheeks are redder than they were even a week ago, both from the radiation and the cetuximab rash.

He’s still awfully cute.

9 thoughts on “Countdown: Day 10.

  1. Go, Paul, go! Your cheering section is behind you, even if we don’t respond to every post.

  2. Thanks, Kim. Good to see him. Cellphone shot is clear and sharp (to my eyes wearing my old computer glasses)

  3. Love the undersea shot. Cute guy, cute fish. Can’t wait to see you for next week’s “Long Wednesday.” Am preparing for huge amounts of hugging.

  4. Thank you, Kimberly. So glad to see the picture and to count down the days. Paul, I’m happy to see your animal spirit guide with you in the photo.

    We’re with you all the way– sending lots of healing energy to you. I hope you’re receiving it ok. Let me know if we need to change your settings in Preferences or if it needs to be formatted differently . . .

  5. The babelfish that’s going in your ear can tell you in any language that we’re all cheering you on. Hugs to you both.

  6. Thanks for the photo! Looking good, Paul. You and Kim hang in there… we’re counting down with you.

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