A New Chapter

I’ve finally gotten around to setting up a new blog, for me to write about my life beyond the battle with the Squamous Monster. (In fact, I set it up some time ago, but I’ve been really slow about starting to use it, or wanting anyone to know that it exists.)

But you are now officially invited to check it out. It’ll be changing over the next few weeks as I replace the stock furnishings with my own, and tweak the appearance. But you come to read my blog for the content, right? My first serious post went up just now.

For those interested in technical details, this will be my first blog completely free of Blogger. The new digs are on my own contracted server, using the open-source WordPress for blogging software. My other active blog, for political commentary, Ratiocination, is on the same server, but driven using Blogger. For now.

I’ll be leaving this blog here, but inactive. For all the new info, go to the new place.