A bit of a breather

Nothing earth-shattering happened today. Yippee!

Kimberly made some phone calls that have me thinking a trip to MD Anderson should be happening soon, for a second opinion at least. (For all those Seattle partisans who are wondering about why we haven’t mentioned Fred Hutchinson: they are very good at what they do, but it isn’t cancers like this one.) I’m amazed at the power of our network of contacts to get us connected.

We met with an oncologist this afternoon (meaning a cancer doctor who is mainly about chemicals, as opposed to the “radiation oncologist” we’d already met with to talk about zapping.) He’s a nice, helpful guy, but he didn’t have much to say, chemo not being curative for this cancer. We did get him on the job of talking with the surgeon to discuss whether having some drugs shrink the tumor before the slicing might mean they wouldn’t have to slice out as much, and leave me more functional afterwards. We hope to hear about that conversation on Monday.

Kimberly’s been proving why she’s in a design profession by tweaking the template for the blog so it looks nicer. (I just screwed it up, so she holds no responsibility for how ugly it is at this moment.) She’ll probably be at it for a few more days, so don’t freak if the page looks different next time you’re here. She’s also adding resource links at the side. Today we started talking about adding a reader comment facility, but I haven’t had cycles to look at the software for it, so breath-holding is “not advised.” Thanks for the comments in email.