Better living through chemistry

My new formula did arrive today. The first can of it went down pretty smoothly at the rate I was pumping it. Tomorrow I’ll try some more, and see what happens. There is a catch, though. It’s lower in calories than the “spacefood” formula, and relatively high in sodium. If I tried living on the new formula alone, I’d go over my daily budget for sodium intake, which would complicate my heart situation. We could probably deal with that by upping my diuretic dosage, but I’m not eager to go that way. Rather than borrow trouble, I’m going to wait to cross that bridge until I see how my gut agrees with this new formula over a longer term than one can.

Today I got a substantial amount of my calorie intake from Odwalla juices. Odwalla, a company that got started in Santa Cruz making fresh juice, now markets yummy (and pricey) refrigerated juice concoctions consisting largely of purees of things like mangoes, bananas, and oranges. I discovered last week that they seem to make my tummy very happy. I tried their “C Monster” which is high in Vitamin C last week. Today I had “B Monster” which has lots of blueberry, and Vitamin B. I also had some variety that has a bunch of soy protein in it. (It probably tastes horrible, but what do I care?) It also felt good in the belly.

Between the Odwalla juices, my previously-discovered spacefood alternatives like Carnation Instant Breakfast and Boost, the new Osmolite formula, and the pump, I got over 2000 calories today without any big pain or discomfort. Yeah! I even did 30 minutes on the treadmill. It was a successful day. The next goal is to do it again, reliably.