Bits and pieces

Paul had another not so good day today, which he did not want to write about, so I’m putting in the obligatory post here after getting home from calling a contradance.

Paul spent much of the day working on getting in calories, and only made it to around 1700. The pump is helping, but it hasn’t solved all the problems. Paul originally ordered only a few cans of the the low-osmolality formula, so that, if it didn’t work, we wouldn’t end up with lots of it around. He has ordered more, but it hasn’t arrived yet, so he’s doing a combination of Carnation instant breakfast, boost, and spacefood until it gets here. (And, since it’s higher sodium than the other food, he won’t be able to rely on it for all of his calories anyway.)

I enjoyed calling the contradance tonight, although I was feeling rather rusty. (For a variety of reasons, including Paul’s illness, I haven’t called a dance in almost a year.) However, I had a great band playing for me (thanks Anita, David, Clyde and Eric), and everyone seemed to have a good time.

I was just getting to the denouement of the mystery I’ve been reading when I had to leave for the dance tonight. Now I’m going to go find out whodunit, and then to sleep.