Life, mundane and otherwise

Today has been a bad day, foodwise. A blast from the past, really, as my food regime has been pretty easy of late. This is thanks in large part to Kimberly’s inspired invention of what I call Instant Breakfast Plus, which is Instant Breakfast powder mixed with half evaporated milk, and half regular milk. The evaporated milk is higher in goodies like calories, without being too hard to digest. It’s become a major part of my diet.

Today, though, I foolishly tried having an Osmolite before having my first Instant Breakfast, and that was NOT a good idea. Nothing major, (meaning no vomiting) but bloating, nausea and cramping, and nothing’s gone down very easily all day since. Foo.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to my previous order and routine. That’ll be easy, since I went to Costco the other day, and discovered that not only do they sell 8-packs of evaporated milk for 2/3ds the cost per can, but they also sell big boxes of Instant Breakfast powder at a good discount I haven’t even precisely figured out yet. Yeah for Costco! (THAT’S what we should have given the Iraqis!)

I had another physical therapy appointment today. We worked mostly on my trach scar, which has been very tight. I felt a lot of stuff loosen up, including some freeing on my breathing as my throat relaxed. I feel like my body has a pretty strong reaction to being touched there, and the whole “knife cutting into my throat” experience probably affected me emotionally as well as physically, even if I was unconscious and on drugs to make me forget it all. It wouldn’t surprise me if I’m unconsciously holding muscles there differently after the surgery.

Thursday we have another follow-up appointment with Dr. Futran. Kimberly and I are working on our list of things we want to talk about during the appointment, as well as the larger list that I’m thinking of as the “Guide to Surgery I Wish I’d Had.”

Now that Kimberly’s all excited about audioblogging, we’ll probably be posting a clip of me talking soon, so that all you folks who are wondering how I sound can hear. We’ve also gotten a request for the sound of the pump, which we’ll do someday when I’m not as queasy as I am at the moment. And I’ll have to figure out how to get the pump to dial the phone. 😉

Meanwhile, in world news, we’ve had some good stories. The proud and nationalistic Iraqi people have a symbolic gesture that may really mean something to them. And our Supreme Court decided that the Magna Carta and its philosphical and legal descendents like habeas corpus might not be such a bad idea, really. Steps in the right direction, and I’m a little less worried about our future.

(Now if only we could figure out how to be prudent and watchful without shutting down the entire city of Boston for a week, or warning boaters that any bit of floating debris could be wired by terrorists to explode. We may have more to fear than fear itself, but fear itself has gotten pretty dangerous.)