Sun, and a gizmo.

Despite predictions that had called for rain all weekend, the weather in Seattle today cleared, and was bright and sunny during the morris dancing performance at Folklife. I sat in the audience, mainly waiting to see how the rapper team did in their major stage set of the weekend. (There are some other non-stage performances at the festival as well.) I had the unusual Seattle experience of wishing for sunscreen. Though, truth be told, it was surgery-related. I’ve been told to make sure my graft site doesn’t get too much sun, lest it burn and stay purple forever after, and I also wanted to keep my neck scar out of the rays. I made do by draping my sweater over my shoulder.

This morning the nurse from the medical supply company came (late) to show me how to operate my feeding pump. I’d read the instruction booklet by the time she got here, and, since I am smarter than the average bear, I turned out to know more about this model of pump than she did. She apparently felt the need to make up the time not spent teaching with chatting incessantly, but finally I got her out of the house before I had to go down to the festival. (I couldn’t help but think how this woman’s salary was helping to drive up medical costs. Someone needs to do that job, but it could be so much more efficient. Sigh.)

Anyway, I did use the pump this afternoon, to administer a round of diluted spacefood without major difficulty. The major advantage was that I could carefully and consistently control the flow rate, which makes a difference. The pump also has a battery, and a nifty carrying pack, so I could haul it around with me while working on a long feeding.

But for now, it’s time for sleeping.