The Littlest Visitor

When our family from Houston visited us recently, we had a fun time with our two nephews, Max and Reed, nicknamed Boo. While they were here, I would have thought that the smallest of our visitors was the adorable Reed, who is not quite two years old.

Now, however, it appears there may have been another visitor from Houston, one which didn’t get back on a plane at the end of a week. I refer to a malicious microbe, which seems to have found my body a pleasant spot for an extended stay. Monday night I felt like I was running a fever, had a headache and muscle aches. I did not sleep well, and Tuesday I spent most of the day trying to decide which of my overall body aches were related to cycling, and which were signs that I had a bug. Since exercise doesn’t usually leave me with a sharp headache, I knew that was probably a bug. Though so far, I haven’t run more than a low-grade fever, I’ve been wrestling with the bug all week.

But it wasn’t until yesterday that the littlest visitor and its replicated cohort modulated into their latest game, “let’s give Paul a sore throat.” Let me just say at this point that it seems like a design flaw in the universe that, after all I’ve been through, I haven’t somehow gained immunity against bugs like this. And I really don’t want to get into the whole ‘giving a guy who has problems swallowing already a sore throat’ business. (And they want me to believe in Intelligent Design. Ha.)

Not only is this interfering with eating, it interferes with my sleep. I wake myself up coughing, because the whole unconscious-saliva-swallowing-and-breathing thing, which is fairly tricky for me already, gets much more complicated when there is a sore throat and a little post-nasal drip involved. It’s quite unpleasant, and not at all restful.

Which is why, having now had a 1000mg of acetaminophen and a large mug of warm beverage, I’m going to try sleeping some more.