The Pump

I’ve started {whirr-click-click-click} using the new pump. {whirr-click-click-click} It’s quite a bit of modern technology: {whirr-click-click-click} compact, light, and portable. {whirr-click-click-click} It does allow {whirr-click-click-click} me a much greater degree {whirr-click-click-click} of control over the rate of {whirr-click-click-click} flow, which means it’s much {whirr-click-click-click} easier to take on spacefood in {whirr-click-click-click} comfort. There is an electronic keypad {whirr-click-click-click} that controls a small motor attached to {whirr-click-click-click} a wheel with arms on it. The tube from the {whirr-click-click-click} feeding bag snakes through a channel {whirr-click-click-click} on the side, where the arms {whirr-click-click-click} on the wheel can rotate {whirr-click-click-click} to pinch the tube, and slide along it for a short distance, {whirr-click-click-click} pushing the contents of the tube along.

However, the original plan of using it at a slow rate while sleeping at night, to give me a “jump-start” on calories for the day, may not be so practicable. The pump gives off a rather loud noise every couple of seconds: whirr-click-click-click. It’s not too annoying if you’re awake and doing something else, but sleeping with it at night seems like it might be a problem. I did actually nod off for a 15 minutes or so during a feeding this evening, and in the process discovered another problem. If I’m not awake, the pump will happily fill me past the point where I start to feel overfull, and nauseated. I was quite unhappy when I woke up, though I did manage to avoid the worst.

I am still awaiting my shipment of the more isotonic formula. I think it will be here tomorrow.