The waiting room, or, Come on over

Introduction: I will be hanging out in the UW med center all day Friday (that’s tomorrow) while Paul is in surgery. By all day, I mean all day. We’ll get there at 5:15 tomorrow morning, surgery starts at 7:45, and it may take as long as 12 hours. It’s going to be a very long day.

Theme: Please drop by, if you have some time. Bring yourself, a hug, maybe some chocolate. (I’d say bring your instruments, but the other folks in the waiting room might not enjoy that as much as I would.) Meet my parents. Be prepared for tears and laughter, conversation and silence. Join me for some pacing in the corridors. Stay as long as you like.

Variation 1: If you can’t make it, that’s OK… whether you live far away, or have things you have to do (you mean some of you work for a living?), or just can’t stand hospitals. It would be lovely to see you, and I know that you’ll be thinking of us.

Variation 2: The surgical waiting room at the UW med center is on the 2nd floor, off the long passageway that connects the old building(s) and the new surgical pavilion. If you’re coming in the main hospital entrance, turn left and go to the Cascade elevators. (Aren’t named elevator banks so much friendlier than numbered or lettered ones? I like that the Cascade elevators are at the east end of the building, and the Pacific elevators at the west end. Good orientation device. A+.) When you get off on the second floor, take a moment to notice the strange art in the atrium, then turn left. At the corridor, turn right (45 degrees). You’ll see the sign for, and then the door to, the waiting room on the right. If you park in the surgical pavilion garage, take the (unnamed) elevator to the 2nd floor. You’ll see the skybridge when you come off the elevator. Take it. The sign/door will be on the left.

Variation 3: A large hawk just landed in the tree that I see from my office window. He landed next to a nest that has been there since we bought the house; I’ve never know whether it was still in use. All of the neighborhood birds relocated to the nearby TV tower, but sent madly cawing decoy pairs in an attempt to lure him away. The hawk decided there was nothing of interest in the nest, and flew off. The local birds returned to their wires. The cats thought the show was fascinating; they talked through the whole thing, and are still going on about it. They can’t wait ’til it’s out on DVD.

Cadenza: Tomorrow I’m going to be playing it all by ear. I’m scared. I’m really scared. I’m really, really, really scared. Damn, damn, damn, damn… yikes… yikes…… yikes……… yikes…………..

Recapitulation: Would I have given such detailed “Simon says” directions to the waiting room if I didn’t want to see you? I think not. Come on over.