Random Thoughts

by Paul on January 3, 2008

Things I’m wondering, while fighting yet another winter cold.

* Since there’s a writers strike, will it be possible for Fred Thompson to get his old job back? Especially now that they’ve promoted Jack McCoy?

* Speaking of the writers strike, does Mike Huckabee stay in hotels without a complimentary copy of the USA Today? Doesn’t he have the TV or radio on while he’s getting dressed in the morning? How is it that he thinks he’s supporting the writers strike by appearing on Leno? I mean, he’s a Republican, so dissing a union is SOP, but it seems like he didn’t even realize he was crossing the picket line. I’d expect a candidate to be a little bit more aware. Imagine how bad he’d be on the inside of the White House bubble!

* I think it’s swell that they’ve started an FBI investigation of the CIA’s destruction of the interrogation videos. Still, despite reports, the US Attorney in charge isn’t really independent. He reports to the Attorney General, and based on what we already know, the AG’s office, including its previous occupant, and White House officials may have been involved in the decision to destroy the tapes. Maybe, to be fully credible, we need to bring in Scotland Yard.

* For our next President, I’d like someone who wasn’t so fond of peculiar theories of Constitutional law please. I’d like a break from arguing about whether an AUMF has the legal standing of a declaration of war, whether executive privilege means no one needs to notice Congressional subpoenas, whether the Vice-President occupies his own branch of government, or whether there can be a ‘pocket veto’ when one chamber of Congress remains in session.

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