Yes We Can

by Paul on January 27, 2008

It’s almost as if someone has been listening to my private thoughts.

It’s like someone understood how tired I am of fear-mongers and autocrats. How painful it’s been to suffer men who have no comprehension of what made America a great nation, one admired by common people around the world.

Someone has figured out that we might be tired of being told that we are powerless, and ought to be afraid, and ought to just stop thinking and let the Leaders do their thing.

There’s a echo that sparks a memory from a long time ago, when it felt like our country was taking its first steps into a bright new future, confident in our power to combat the ills that had plagued mankind for centuries. I remember a time before ‘Morning In America’ said “Greed is Good”, and it was supposed to be OK for me to get mine, and screw you.

Somehow, after all this time, someone still remembers the vision of a United States of America, its power derived from the power of its diverse people, inspired to greatness, believing in opportunity, who knew that building together was better than tearing each other down, who by virtue of that strength, could save the world from the clutches of abusive fascists and totalitarians.

(I’m sorry, Hillary. I’m sure you’re very good at your job (though that Iraq thing still bothers me a lot), and wise in the ways of DC deal-making, and you have oodles of experience with the fine points of policy.

But I have to say, you’re not talking to me where I live. You’re not showing me that you really ‘get’ where the battle really needs to be fought. This guy is.)

Sure, it’s the sappy idealist part of me that responds to Obama. On the other hand, cynically, I’d rather have a nominee that could win over folks like Andrew Sullivan than one who will have them manning the barricades. And imagine the power of a whole new generation, inspired to vote, remembering the Democratic Party as the one who inspired them, that believed in something greater. Read what Caroline Kennedy wrote in the New York Times.

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